Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day Six Since Discovering Triplets

I will take a photo of Aleece and post it tomorrow so you can see how much her belly has grown in six days. It's incredible. Now she looks like she's nearly nine months along when she's only 20 weeks pregnant. Dr. Bowen said she needs to get to 28 weeks and then the babies have a fighting chance at survival.

She has had three contractions so far. The doctor said if she has contractions eight to nine minutes apart to get in to his office immediately. In addition, he told her if she comes in to see him 20 times a week it's okay with him, because of the high risk involved in this pregnancy, which was reassuring to her. She is to rest this week and then goes on official bed rest next week. She will spend at least the last month of the pregnancy in the hospital hooked up to a catheter and what not because she will not be able to move about. She has been doing a little organizing, but doing it while seated, mostly. She is taking this like a trooper. For such an active person to suddenly come to a halt is a difficult adjustment, so Rex Jr. and I remind her when we catch her stretching, bending more than we think she should.

Aleece has a list of things she would like done to the house during her confinement which includes moving Madison in with Seth and turning Maddy's former room into the nursery, moving the wood pile out of the garage, daily upkeep on the walnuts, repairing a chunk of ceiling in the bedroom, yard and other projects. I need help! We need to get a group together to tackle the outside list and then we need some strong muscles for moving the furniture around. Some of the items include obtaining bunk beds for Seth and Madison, organizing the basement to get it ready to receive a desk, and storage items. Aleece is showing me where things go (kitchen, laundry, etc.) which helps me get the interior organized.

Aleece expressed a desire to take up drawing and sketching again (charcoals) during her confinement, so if anyone has a drawing pad or charcoals they'd like to donate, that would be great. Debbie had a great idea that Aleece uses some of this time for catching up on Seth's and Madison's baby books.

They have chosen the boys' names: Alex Jesse White, Zachary Ryan White, and Riley Cade White. Zachary was going to be Zachary Jerry, but after they slept on it they changed it to Zachary Ryan.

Tomorrow is Madison's birthday party with her nursery mates. "Poppa" and I will be there helping with that.

Before I close I have to relate the funny joke Madison played on me Monday. We discovered Madison was too quite in the house and we started looking for her. I found her behind the desk in Seth's bedroom where she had knocked the container of paper clips on the floor. Aleece told Seth and Madison to help me pick them up and he kept shoving a pink rubbery fake spider in my eyeball every time I bent over. After the third jabbing I said, "Oh no, I can't see to pick up the paper clips because there's a monster spider attacking me." The jabbing stopped at some point after that and I was trying hard to see the carpet whilst peering around two bobbing and weaving grandchildren. During the struggle of bending, I went down onto my knees and tried to clean up the mess while avoiding head butts with the kids when suddenly I felt Madison shoving her hand down my shirt and into my bra. I'll excuse myself by saying that at this point in my life I've been touched there an awful lot, apparently, because I didn't pay it anymore attention than that and I left a while later to go pick up Lacey from school. I stopped for a taco and as gravity and shirts and eating seem to collide in my world of food consumption, taco bits fell down my shirt into my bra. I reached in a lo, and behold, pulled out the pink rubbery spider. That thing is three to four inches in diameter! I chuckled that Madison had pulled a fast one over me and that I was so distracted by the paper clips and the bobbing heads that I didn't realize I had become a host for an alien creature!

I showed her the pink spider the next day and said, "Guess where I found this?" She shoved her hand into my bra again and giggled. What can I say?


Joe and Debbie said...

Dang! I don't know what happened to my response but I guess I didn't post it correctly.
So again, CONGRATULATIONS! You are going to literally have your arms full. Let me know what I can do to help.
Aleece, rest, rest, rest, because there is no turning back know. You will do great. Let friends and family to pitch in and help in anyway they possibly can.
My prayers are with all of you.

Archambault Family said...

I knew the bed rest was coming soon. Aleece needs to just take it easy. She will do great for the next few months. The farther the better. I am not too far too, if you need any help, I am of assistance!

And that was a cute trick she played on you, LOL!

Archambault Family said...

Aleece should start blogging, she will want to remember this in the future!