Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Surprise: Triplets!

I invited myself to the Aleece's ultrasound on Halloween day. Lacey and I drove over to Salem Clinic and moved the car once while waiting for Rex & Aleece to arrive. They came in a borrowed car so I didn't notice them until they started piling out of the car. I brought crayons, coloring books and story books to entertain the children once we were finished with the ultrasound, as Aleece had seven tests in all to complete. I left the items in the car and then Madison and I held hands going into the clinic.

Once seated I saw there were no toys in the waiting room and so Madison sat quietly on my lap, Lacey had Seth and they were looking through a magazine. Another family with a little girl was seated across from us and Madison said hi to her and they smiled at each other. It wasn't more than a five minutes when Aleece was called back. I figured we had at least a twenty minute wait so I took Madison with me out to the car to get the books and crayons. We were just shutting the car door when I heard Rex yell, "Mom!" I said to Madison, "Let's run, okay?" We took off as fast as I can run, which is not fast, and the crayons spilled out of my arms to the ground. I picked them up as fast as I could and off we went again.

We got up to Rex and he had on his actor's face. But I wasn't quite thinking that he knew anything for sure yet. We got into the waiting room and we scooped up Lacey and Seth and went into the ultrasound room where the tech had wand in hand and Aleece's belly was greased in all its glory.

The tech immediately starts showing me a baby on the screen and said, "I found this baby first and then I saw something behind it so I moved the wand over to this side just to make sure, because sometimes it appears to be two when it's really just one, but when I angled it from this side, lo and behold, here was another one. So there's two babies. But then as I was moving the wand down at the bottom of the uterus I saw this one here. So there's three babies." They were lodged in there like the recycle sign. One across the top and the other two down on either side.

I laughed and said, "I knew it!" She was too big and hard for there to be just two in there.

Aleece said laughingly, "I've already cried!"

Rex said, "And there's three sacks, so they're not maternal." Then he asked the technician to check the sexes. He moved the wand to the first baby which he referred to as Baby A. There was a very noticeable tallywacker between two strong straight legs. The tech said, "This one is pretty straightforward." Then he moved the wand to Baby B. "This one I'm pretty sure...yep, this one is male, also." Then he said, "I'm not so sure on Baby C. I'll try another angle" When suddenly there was yet another flag pole raised in salute. We all said together, "Wow!"

I said, "I'm not babysitting!" I could envision three little Rex Jr.'s running like madmen throughout the house, wreaking destruction in their wake. Oh, wow.

I thought of three blessings, three car seats, three cribs, three babies trying to nurse, three boys to get ready for school, three baptisms, three sports fees makes a family rate, three missions, three college funds, three weddings, etc. I laughed. I cried with joy.

I thought of Mom's dream right after Lacey was born where she saw Rex Sr. holding twin boys like sacks of potatoes under each arm. I prayed all three make it.

Rex Jr. had a good spin on the dream. He thought perhaps one boy was hanging from Grandpa's neck. It was a big elephant in the room.

Aleece was rescheduled for next week so that the technician could spend sufficient time in order to examine each baby, one hour per boy.

We drove to Kelly's to tell Rex Sr. He was with an elderly couple up at the counter and was bragging about his grandkids and the possibility of twins. Rex Jr. tried to tell him about the triplets but he kept talking to the customers. He tried again. Finally, Rex got in the words, "Triplets. Boys. Three of them" Rexer said, "No way! You're kidding. No way! Really? You're kidding. No way!"

We took the kids to lunch at McDonalds and Aleece had already called her folks on the drive to Kelly's, so Rex Jr. called Jessica and Scotty. Dang, I really miss not having a cell phone. I wanted to call Grandma DeAnn and my sisters.

Madison climbed up into the jungle gym in McDonalds where a bully girl started hitting her in the face. She was screaming but the girl hit her several times. I was yelling at the girl and then the families in the playroom. No one seemed to be responding so Lacey climbed up in the apparatus to rescue Madison. The girl scratched her face in several places.

Lacey was served coffee instead of the hot chocolate she had ordered and had me taste it because something was wrong with it. So now I know what mocha tastes like. Yuck! Chocolate is supreme.

We came home and I called Grandma DeAnn, Jeff's cell phone, Sam, Debbie, Aunt Jeana, Helen Proctor, Laura Pew, Michelle Duchateau, Kay Bowen, Ellen Dillender, Janet Jobes, and Patty Shomaker.

The kids went to their ward's Trunk Or Treat party and spread the word there and then came to our ward's Harvest Festival and spread the work here.

We are all so happy.

Aleece and I had a talk about Mom's dream. We both started crying. I said, "So, what if the dream comes true and one of the boys doesn't make it?" She said, "Then I'll get to raise him in the resurrection." I said, "That's right. So it's a win-win situation. You'll get two now and one later. But, in the meantime, let's not focus another ounce of energy on that thought. You need all your energy and good thoughts to keep all three babies healthy and inside as long as possible."

Rex Jr. banned her from picking up Madison anymore while she's standing up. I feel sorry for Seth and Madison. Rex and Aleece have vowed to spend some one-on-one with each of them so they don't get left behind in all the hustle and bustle of the triplets. We all have to step up and help out to ensure that each child gets the help, love, and nurture they need.

We have our work cut out for us.

I watched Rex Jr.'s face go from ecstatic to serious and grave as the reality sunk in deeper and deeper in a matter of hours. He was seeing his responsibility to provide increase and the pressure to do well at school and on the LSAT to get good standing and scholarships at the law school. I'm so very proud of him. I know he'll succeed and follow his Patriarchal Blessing which told him to get a good education to provide for his family so his wife wouldn't have to work outside of the home.

I watched Aleece's belly grow in two days. Now that she knows there are three babies it's as though she's released them somehow and is not holding them in as tight. She looks tired already but we will do all in our power to help her get through this. I'm sure she is worried, too, about finances. I told her and Rex, "One day at a time. One day at a time."

I am the luckiest Grandma in the world!


Archambault Family said...

I am SO excited for you guys! I can't believe it. I am still in complete shock! 3 boys!!! CONGRATS! Make sure Aleece stays down and keeps all three babies in there an healthy for a LONG time! She will do great. And boy her belly is big already for only 4 1/2 months. I couldn't imagine 3 in my tummy, 1 was uncomfortable enough. How exciting! I wanna see ultrasound pictures, soon k!

gardeniagirl said...

Wow. Jessica told me. How crazy! How's Aleece holding up? I would be scared out of my mind.

sneha said...
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sneha said...

Sharon..really wonderful news. I'm so happy for your family. Congratulations!!! It must be exciting for Aleece as well as uncomfortable. But surely it's happy news.

Joe and Debbie said...

I can still only say "Oh my gosh" abd dump the fertility meds Aleece becaause I dont think you're going every need to use them ever again. LOL Sheesh.....that's a lot of babies at one time.
Remember patience is a virtue. Aleece is really going to need a lot of help from everyone, especially from Rexy. Aleece get all the rest you possibly can and dn't turn away any offers of help. Sharon you need to get busy sewng lots and lots of baby boy clothes. :)
Good luck with it all. I'm excited to meet your 3 new grandsons.

Kathi and Sam said...

What exciting news! I didn't know about the dream...what an adventure this will be for all of the family! Congratulations! Keep us updated, okay?
Kathi & Sam