Friday, November 7, 2008

November 6th - A busy day!

What a day! Today was the second ultrasound appointment for Aleece, but this one was conducted by the multiple birth specialist doctor, Dr. Watson. It was a three hour appointment. He discovered that two of the boys are identical twins (Baby A and Baby C, which is the baby on top and on the right side of the uterus). The doctor's not sure about Baby B being identical or not and said that in most cases with triplets, there were probably four babies and one was absorbed by the body.

All three boys are bigger than usual and Aleece's uterus is in great shape (in thickness) and so she is one of the rare healthy women who have everything going for them, healthwise, the doctor said. We were all relieved to hear that. They took profile pictures with the ultrasound and also reaffirmed that all three are males. Rex Jr. will scan and email me the photos for the blog.

Aleece is off of bed rest for now and can continue her lifestyle with some strict alterations: no lifting of any kind and when she feels tired or lightheaded or has a contraction she is to lie down immediately.

Rex and I worked like slaves getting the house and yard ready for Madison's birthday party yesterday. Rex cleaned up the side of the garage where a lot of weeds and debris had collected and he mowed part of the back lawn, picked the tomatoes, apples and green chilies. He threw the rotten apples into the compost pile and picked up the walnuts. He helped with the recycling, the laundry and helped clean up Madison and with lunch.

I vacuumed, did laundry, folded clothes, did the dishes, scrubbed a toilet and sink, matched socks, put away all the items on the dining room table, rearranged the table and chairs and put on a tablecloth and centerpiece. I made several trips to the basement putting away more toys I found under furniture. Seth and Madison were big helpers. We barely got the kids down to a nap when the first birthday guests arrived.

We woke up the children and started playing a game dropping walnuts into a quart jar. Lacey arrived while the kids were in bed and she cleaned the windows. She helped police the children.

Rex and Aleece arrived right before the next set of birthday guests arrived. Rex and I were exhausted, but somehow we pulled it off in time.

The children played Duck, Duck, Goose, which they didn't quite get the hang of how to play. Seth ran throughout the house when it was his turn. He's such a fast runner no one can catch him! Then they played Ring Around the Rosie and sang "Hinges" and then we sang "Happy Birthday to You!" and served cake and ice cream. Next came unwrapping the presents. When all the guests had left and we cleaned up the living room, we sat down at the dining room table to hear about the doctor's visit and viewed the ultrasound pictures. We were so delighted to hear that all is well with the babies so far and that Aleece is at the top of the scale as far as ideal situations for triplets.

I was happy to hear I got a day off so that I could rest and then get some things done around my house. I spent most of Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday evening, Wednesday and all of Thursday over at their home cleaning, organizing, and taking care of the two Munchkins. I am not used to standing for long periods of time so my bones ache.


Archambault Family said...

Wow, I can't believe how much bigger Aleece has already gotten in just a week or so. Three in there really makes you grow! She looks great and like she is doing well.

Looks like the party went well. Glad to see all your hard work paid off. Well, get some rest and relax those bones!

Kimi said...

Sounds like lots of work! I know they appreciate it a lot.

I can't believe she is having triplets...Wow! I can't imagine. She is going to have her hands more then full.

I am so happy to hear she and babies are doing so well. I too can't believe how much bigger her belling is in such a short amount of time. I guess 3 will do that too you.

I can't wait to see the ultrasound pictures.


Joe and Debbie said...

Sheesh...........she is huge already I cna't even imagine how big her belly is actually going to get. Take measurements.
You've been so busy, dont' completely wear yourself out becuseyou have a long future ahead of you with business.
I'm sure everythign is looking fabulous as you are such a hard worker. You need some major R&R.

Aleece White said...

Thanks, Sharon and Rex Sr, for all your help! Rex and I are deeply indebted for all your help this week. It will be so much easier for Rex to keep the house up now that the gazillion toys, you guys gave us, are no longer an issue, Thanks for packing them all up and moving them to the basement. Sure you don't want them all back now? If Lacey or Jess wanted any of them for their kids then we better not let the Triplets touch them! Three boys can do some major damage! LOL
Thanks again for everything! You get lots of rest.
Lots of Love,
Aleece, Rex, Seth, Madison, and the triplets (Alex, Zachary, and Riley).