Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day, 2009

February 14th Update:

Aleece will start blogging as soon as she gets a chance, but in the meantime, I have her permission to keep you updated on this blog.
Hats are off the boys and we are able to get a good look up close of each baby now. Riley doesn't need the lights anymore, as his billiruben is under control.
Aleece's staples were removed from her incision and she's doing fine. She's been officially discharged, however, she is boarding at the hospital as long as the boys are there to bond with them, holding them as often as possible, pumping breast milk, changing diapers and being Super Mom! All three boys are doing well on the breastmilk. None are able to suck at this time so they are being fed by a tube.
Alex was under the lights on Friday. Rex Jr. was able to "kangaroo' (skin to skin) but this kangaroo was covered with red curly hair! No matter, all three boys are on the hairy side, too! They all have that fine peach fuzz over their backs and limbs.
Alex kicked out his IV and the nurses decided to leave it out unless needed. Riley actually rolled over somehow and when he sleeps on his side he lifts one leg up trying to rest it on top of something else, just like his daddy does. He actually moved about his "condo" until he was up on the plexiglass, cutting off his airway, setting off alarms and nurses came running to rescue him. They took a photo first as proof of the roving child.
The condos are the covered type of ICU bed which is enclosed and has holes for reaching in to touch the babies. The nurses say this is a a good sign.
Their baby blessings are scheduled for the last Sunday in March in the Jan Ree Ward, which is fast Sunday before General Conference. We invite all to attend at 11:00am.
We are now saying that all three are identical so that none of the boys feel left out or singled out. There's been some controversy as to which two are identical now, some say Alex and Riley, not Alex and Zachary, but the only way to tell is with an expensive DNA test which Rex Jr. and Aleece cannot possibly afford. In the womb, two were in the same sac but during the C-section, it was hard to tell who came out of the sac. So, please spread the word that from now on all three will be considered identical. We can tell differences in the boys, such as, Zachary is the teeniest and has a very serious look on his face. Riley is redder and stiffer in his legs and arms and loves to kick. Alex is the largest and has more baby fat on him at this point. But to tell the truth, I have to look at the blankets in their beds, the bed position in the room and try to remember who was holding whom in each picture to differentiate. It is a fun challenge.
Enjoy the latest photos!


Archambault Family said...

Wow, the boys look great! So does Aleece. She looks like she instantly lost 50 lbs and to think she didn't even gain that much. They all have hair and red, oh boy you guys are in for it!!! They look like they are doing so well. So, is the going home date still March 3rd? How exciting that they are all doing so well. Keep up the good work White family!

White Family said...

Hi Amber,

Yes, the boys and Aleece all look great. She is getting more energy back by the day. Rex Sr. thinks the boys' hair is red, too. It's the same color as both Seth and Madison's at this stage, so we'll see. If they turn red then the mother's curse I put on Rex Jr. years ago is complete! We don't have a release date yet for the boys. The pediatrician will call the shots on that. The nurses said on the first night that the boys will stay at a minimum until March 3rd. Aleece said tonight that the boys' weight has dropped to the point where the staff will meet in the morning to discuss plans for fattening them up. Can you imagine that? An underweight White family member? I keep a stash of Kit Kat bars on me but no one will let me introduce them to the boys!

Kimi said...

They all look wonderful! Wow!! 3 Red head boys...I think they are in for more then they thought!

It is great to hear that they are all doing so well. They are sure cute and oh so tiny.

We will continue to keep them in our prayers.

Thanks for keeping us up to date. I look forward to seeing them grow.

I know you are busy yourself and don't have any time to yourself with 2 little one, but keep up the good work. You will will be blessed for helping out so much. Those boys need their Mommy there to help them grow. The sooner they get home the better!

Joe and Debbie said...

Thanks for the update - sorry I haven't madeit up there yet to see them all but I will soon.
What's with these moms who won't let us feed the babies chocolate anyway? Sheesh!!!!!!!
They are all hairy little men. I agree they are triplets not a set of twins plus one. I never liked taht at all having one be singled out. Thanks for taking my advise on that one. LOL
Of course we will be there for the babies blessings, it will be quite the event to say the least.
Give them all loves from their favorite great Aunti.