Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, Feb. 10th Update

Today was a tough day for Grandma, but here are some of the high- and low-lights of the day:

1. Grandma finally got Madison to sleep at 12:45 am this morning.
2. We went to the kid's house to feed the dog and let him out around noon.
3. Madison wouldn't go down for a nap after several attempts.
4. Madison got into the 72-hour emergency kit while Grandma was sweeping the floor and got out the toothpaste and then squirted it into the dog's food bowl while the dog was eating.
5. The dog bit Madison's wrist causing two deep puncture wounds.
6. Grandma kicked the dog out of the house (physically). Don't nobody mess with my kids or grandkids.
7. Grandma cried just as hard as Madison while trying to clean her wounds which not unusual during emotional situations, but is usually calm and serene during emergencies. Grandma felt very out of control today (due to sleep deprevation and frustration with the non-sleeping "terrible two-year old" whom she otherwise adores!)
8. Madison fell asleep on Grandma's shoulder while talking on the phone with mommy and daddy.
9. Aleece called to say that Alex is struggling today. He needed level five oxygen.
10. Riley quit breathing twice while Aleece was holding him, setting off alarms. The nurse simply rubbed him on the back which reminded him to breathe, and all was back to normal.
11. Mighty Zach was the trooper today and is on room air while the other two are on different levels of oxygen (two and three) this afternoon but were all on room air earlier in the day. The nurses say that although the boys have done remarkable well, that being on oxygen is typical for premies as the lungs are the last things to develop. Remember that these little guys arrived 17 days before their scheduled C-section arrival, which is 45 days early for a singleton birth. So, it's comforting to know that they are still doing well with normal glitches.
12. Aleece is doing really well with the breast pump and the milk will be fed to the babies in a few days when they can start the sucking reflex.

Visitors may see the babies but have to have Rex Jr. or Aleece accompany them to the NICU and only four people are allowed at a time with the babies. No children under twelve are allowed except for siblings and everyone has to wash up before seeing the babies. Please no visitors with cold, flu, or other infectious symptoms.


Kimi said...

Sounds like a HARD day! I really hate days like that! I hope you all get a good nights rest tonight! Remember the tricks of the trade...a nice warm bath, a story, and bribes always work!!! Good luck!

White Family said...

I think I've used all of my bag of tricks and then some. This two year old is a challenge indeed. I've tried the warm bath, songs, stories, even lying down with her. One day I took them to breakfast at McDonald's playland then shopping and then to the park, then gave her a bath and she went down without a fight, but nothing has worked consistently since then. I'm thinking of getting one of those childproof doorknobs so she can't escape from the bedroom, but I have to be careful she doesn't destroy whatever room I put her in. I have to record her when we ask her how old she is. She responds with, "Terrible Two!"