Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alex and Zach admitted to OHSU

Alex, The Great

What a snarl!

Help! Grampa's gonna drop me!

I'm the one who's exhausted and this guy gets to sleep?

Aleece and Rex Jr. took the babies in to have their colds checked last Thursday, and Alex was again transported by ambulance two blocks to the new emergency room at Salem Memorial Hospital. They determined he had pneumonia and he was transported up to OHSU in Portland. Rex Jr. went with him in the ambulance and stayed with him throughout his hospital stay. Aleece stayed with the other four children. Zach continued to decline at home and she took him up to OHSU to have him examined and he was admitted into another room. Both boys were released last evening and they came home for a barbecue at our house. They have bad coughs which will continue for a week or so but it is so good to have them back home again.

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Joe and Debbie said...

I haven't heard fro myou in a while now I know why. Sorry to hear about the babies being back inthe hospital....they are really fighters. I hope they get over their coughs and can live happy healthy lives.