Saturday, April 11, 2009

Making Resurrection Cookies for Easter

Sealing the "tomb" with tape
Licking the bowl, the beater, and the scraper is the best part, Grandma!

Last year Seth and I made these cookies and this year Madison got to join us. I read the scriptures aloud to the children about certain events during the holy week: the scourging, (the children beat the pecans inside of a Ziploc bag with their wooden spoons), bringing new life to all mankind(adding the egg whites), the sadness and tears of the followers of Jesus as he hung upon the cross (tasting and then adding a pinch of salt), how the Roman soldiers gave Jesus vinegar to drink when he was thirsty upon the cross (tasting and adding the vinegar), the sweetness Jesus brings to our lives because of his sacrifice for our sins (adding sugar), though your sins be as red as scarlet they shall be pure white as the driven snow (the mixture whips into white stiff peaks, how Jesus gave up the ghost and Joseph of Arimithea begged Pilate for his body and wrapped it and put it into his own sepulchre (we put the cookies on a tray and then into the oven), then Joseph sealed the tomb with a large stone (we tape the stove shut), and then Mary came to the tomb after the Sabbath and found the stone rolled away and the tomb was empty (the cookies are hollow inside like little tombs), and we end it by talking about how Jesus's sacrifice made it possible for all mankind to rise from the grave and be resurrected like Jesus some day.

Happy Easter!


Archambault Family said...

Those cookies look yummy. I can't get off my sweet tooth lately. Hence the reason I can't lose any weight. Oh man...

Kathi and Sam said...

Great thing to do with the grand kids! I'll bet they loved it - they will remember the real meaning of Easter