Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on babies

As of today, 3/16/09:
Alex received a blood transfusion this morning. Zach is progressing well since switching to other respiratory machine. Riley was transferred to Pediatric Unit but is developing a rattle sound in his chest and will most likely be transferred back with brother Alex. We're just waiting to see if little Riley catches RSV. So far, after three negative tests, he's either behind the other two in getting sick or really resisting the illness. Another baby is with Riley who has a bad cough but is not contagious beyond the three foot zone around him. Aleece and Rex are concerned about his nearness to Riley.
The doctors think that Zach and Alex will be well in about ten days.
Aleece & Rex have moved into the Ronald McDonald Housing for parents which runs $20 per night. They are hoping that the insurance picks up the tab, as money is tight for them. There they have laundry and kitchen facilities, along with a motel-type room with two double beds. Before they were allowed only one bed and only person allowed to sleep in it at a time, the other having to sleep in a recliner. Rex Jr. can sleep just about anywhere, but Aleece is not as lucky in her sleep patterns. Her meals are provided free, but Rex Jr. has to pay for his food. Rex Jr. is donating blood tomorrow morning to have on hand in case any of the boys need it.
Seth and Madison are doing well. I call up the their parents' cell phone a couple times each day so they can keep in touch with Mommy and Daddy. Seth is definitely missing them. Madison is easily entertained and easy to distract from any homesickness. They are lovely children with bright minds who love to learn. Aleece asked them draw some pictures to hang in the babies' hospital rooms. We are working on some things.
The photos below are from two weeks ago when the babies all came home within a few days of each other.
Thank you to all who have sent beautiful, inspiring emails as well as the offers of help and support. I really appreciate all of you!


Hoagland Mission said...

We are so thrilled that the babies are going to be ok. It took Jesse(Jenni's twin boy) about 10 days also. It was rough with dad having to work as a dentist. But I was there a great deal(in Tigard) and Jenni did come home a little. They are so blessed to have you. Isn't being a grandma fun!!! Yes it is work. It gets easier with time. We now video with skype and LOVE IT. Lots of love Judy

Joe and Debbie said...

I didn't know about the blood transfusion, sure hope little Alex recovers quickly from that procedure. I really hope and pray they all come out stronger little boys from all of this. They certainly are doing their best to survive.......little miracles.