Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Home....One to Go!

Rex at work. He can actually use the Internet! 3.25.09
Madison and Gramma napping 3.25.09

Aleece is back home. Seth took this photo of his mommy. 3.25.09

Riley, covered from head to toe, sleeping in a 72 degree nursery back in his own crib.

Zach is toasty warm in his own crib back home 3.25.09

Zach and Riley were released from the hospital Tuesday evening. Aleece and Rex Jr. drove them home where Rex Jr. spent the night feeding them every two hours. Aleece went back up to Legacy Emmanuel to be with Alex and to check out of the Ronald McDonald House. She arrived home this evening shortly before Lacey and I drove Seth and Madison home. Alex was extubated Tuesday evening and put on the CPAP machine. It looks like he will be released Saturday.
The children were so excited to see Max, the dog, and to be home again. Aleece's family arrived sometime this evening. Her grandparents will arrive tomorrow, as well as her sister, Ashley. It will be good for Aleece to see her family again.


Kimi said...

Great hear the boys are improving. I pray for those little ones every day. We pray that all will be home and stay healthy. Wish we could be there to see them in person.

White Family said...

Thanks, Kimi, for all your prayers. I believe that faith and prayers have sustained these little guys all along. Alex is not going to get released in time for the blessings so after sacrament meeting and the family dinner following that, the family will go up to Portland to give Alex a name a blessing.

Archambault Family said...

Glad to hear the boys are improving. I hope that all three can be reunited once again. Thanks again for the constant updates. I still need to make it down there to give them their gift. Maybe sometime in April, I can make it down.