Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mighty Zach First to Come Home 3.3.09

Riley and Zach taken Feb. 21st
Alex is up in corner over my shoulder as I look on at Zach and Riley. Don't ask me which is which at this point....can't tell. Can you?
Zachary Ryan White taken March 3rd
Zach is just a little bump in a sea of Grandma's crib decorations!

Who have thunk that the littlest guy would be able to come home first? Zachary has proven time and again that he's a champion through and through.


Kimi said...

That is great news! He is s cutie!
It seems like it is always the little ones that do the best!

Joe and Debbie said...

He is definitely a miracle and has really pulled his own. He is very cute. I want to hold them all so bad. Soon.........

Archambault Family said...

Home already! Wow, what a little trooper. He sure is adorable! Can't wait to finally meet the boy and hold them.