Monday, March 23, 2009

Madison with doll which was given to her from Michelle Duchateau.
Grandpa Rex gives Seth a fishing pole. Here's he's showing Seth all the parts that came with the pole. Twenty minutes after this photo Madison had opened the entire package and "released" everything onto the bedroom floor.

Here's the moment he showed Seth the fishing pole. Seth thinks they're going fishin' this Thursday. $5.00 bucks says it doesn't happen for at least three months. The kids are blurry because they move constantly! It's hard to get a still photo of them!

Zachary in the PICU 3.20.09. All three boys will continue to carry the RSV for a couple of months, unfortunately. They will begin receiving monthly RSV vaccination shots soon.

Zachary sleeping peacefully...well, as peaceful as it gets in a hospital with machines beeping, nurses and staff members coming and going, talking loudly by the door, alarms going off, and grandma flashing pictures of your mug for the dang blog!


Joe and Debbie said...

Very cute! Boy I hate to see those little guys go through so much. The virus is contageous so it's best they not be around other kids.

Archambault Family said...

They look bigger, that is always a plus!!!