Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alex comes home 3.7.09

Riley's on top, Alex is in the middle, and Zach has his eyes open. These hats were made by Laura Pew, who served in Ecuador when I was on my mission. She made them each three sets of hats, the largest were made in the U of O colors because she knows we Whites are big Duck fans! I took Riley and Zach out of their cribs and put them in with Alex. Aleece questioned if I remembered which one was which, but it was fun to pretend I wasn't sure. The sad part is that I can't tell just yet when the boys are separated, who is who.
Here's Rex, Lacey, and me in the nursery on Sunday night (March 8th) helping with the eight o'clock feeding. I have Zach, Lacey has Riley (she favors Riley) and Rex has Alex. Riley's crib is showing.

Rex Jr. and oops, I can't remember which one he's holding!

This is Alex. Every time I push the shutter on my camera, a red light shines first, and the boys do not like the red light. Their eyes will be open, then I push the shutter, they shut their eyes faster than anything. Dang! They've got beautiful big eyes (from the Sobrio side). We Whites (from the Shirley side) have those deep set eyes that no one can tell who we're looking at from across the room.

Seth's holding someone. I don't know who it is now. I waited too long and can't remember. I can say with confidence that it's either Alex, Zach, or Riley!
Aleece asked me the other day if I download the pictures and label them right away so I can remember who's who, and I assured her yes. Well, I do remember, for about twelve hours and then it just fades away........


Joe and Debbie said...

Very cute! I'm a little confused though since the picture of Rex, Lacey and you are holding the babies you said you are holding Zach and Rex is also holding Zach, you really are having a difficult time telling them apart, either that or Zach is magical and can be in two differnt arms at once. They all look just like Seth. Only two more weeks until I finally get to meet the little guys. Happy to see you in a picture with your grandbabies.

Archambault Family said...

They are so cute. Oh I wish I could help. Maybe one of these days I can make it back down and do a feeding or two. Thank you for uploading pics. It is fun to see them. I don't know how you can even tell them apart, but either way they are adorable!