Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Shower Photos

Lynn Jarvis, Reva Johnson, Samantha Jobes, Lacey White, Kathleen Hoth, Janet Jobes
Deborah Bradley, Rhonda Miller, Rhoda Morrison

Connie Snyder, Sherene Taylor, Janet Crow, Kathi Robbins, Myrna Curzon

Aleece is scheduled for the C-section on March 3rd, 2009, if she makes it that long!

The ladies were very generous!

Kay Bowen generously offered her home for Aleece's baby shower on January 31, 2009. We had a great time getting together as family and friends. The women were very generous in their gift-giving. Aleece had a great time. I enjoyed seeing my family and friends. I didn't get around to chatting with everyone, there was so much happening. We played a game I made up called "Famous Three's" in which Myrna Curzon came in first place and won a container of odds and ends items for Valentine's Day and kitchen and bath supplies and Rhoda Morrison came in last and received the chocolate candy bar.

Here's some photos of the shower.

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