Monday, February 9, 2009

The Arrival of the Triplets

Alex, the larger twin and eldest of the three

Post Partum tender moment

Zachary, the tiny twin

Aleece having contractions

We proudly announce the arrival of Alex, Zachary, and Riley White, born February 9, 2009, at 12:45, 12:46, and 12:48am. They weighed 4.8 lb., 3.11 lb., and 3.13 lb. All are healthy, pink, and breathing on their own. They were scheduled for delivery on March 3rd, but decided to come a little early. Aleece had eight contractions around 8:00pm on Sunday evening and called the hospital, and was told to come immediately. They monitored the contractions and the heart rates and were about to send her home when the nurse decided to have the on-duty doctor come check her. He did and it was decided that there was going to be a C-section right away. Dr. Bowen arrived and things were put into motion for the triplet's arrivals.

We came and picked up Seth and Madison from the hospital and took them home, got them to bed, (makes it sound easy, but, believe me, Madison is hard to get to sleep) and had just gone to bed ourselves when Rex Jr. called summoning us to the hospital. Lacey wanted to go, too, but I was firm that Seth and Madison needed sleep so she stayed in bed and we went to the birthing center.

We got to see Aleece and Rex again and Rex and Rex Jr. and Dr. Bowen gave Aleece a priesthood blessing before they wheeled her to the delivery room. We waited out in the lobby with a grandfather who was hooked on a Sci Fi channel movie about super flesh eating locust swarms invading cities and Rex struck up a conversation with him. I read magazines, cleaned up the pop containers, the garbage people had left and rearranged the chairs in the lobby. Hey, some people have talents in organizational skills. I just happen to be one of them! At 12:49 I said to Rex, "I bet they've been born. It's been about the right amount of time for the epidural and the C-section." No sooner did I say it but they played "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" over the PA system three times in a row! I jumped up and did a hooray! The nurse came out a few minutes later to tell us the triplets had arrived.

We had to wait for about an hour for Aleece to recover before we could go back to see her. She was a bit nauseous, but otherwise fine. She and Rex Jr. were holding hands and Rexy had tears in his eyes. It was so sweet to observe them in such a private moment. If I see a man cry, I cry, so I got out the tissues.

We waited with Aleece as she started to get movement back into one foot and then the other. Finally she was able to go see the babies in the NICU. Rex Jr. showed us the photos he had taken of the boys in there.

It was after 2:30 am when we got to go see the babies. First we saw Alex. He was so tiny, yet he's the largest of the three. His little fingers are skinny. He's very handsome and tall. Seventeen inches! He sucks his chest in and out with each rapid breath. His head is held in place with straps and he has a tube in his hand and a heart monitor on his chest. He was in a darker area of the room and it was a bit hard to see him in detail. Then we saw Riley next who whimpers with each breath. So adorable! So tiny! Such a little miracle. There's something very special about Riley. Maybe it's his name. But he lays with his arms and legs straight out like a fighter. Then we saw Zachary, the tiniest one. So still, a bit on the pale side. He looks very serious and studious and his hands and feet are curled up close.

We went back and forth from baby to baby. We were told to just place our hands gentle on them but to not move because it's uncomfortable for the babies to be touched. I couldn't help but touch gently and hold as still as possible. Such little miracles. That's when I cried. That's when I felt Mom's arm go around my waist. Always so close...the veil is so thin.

We came home around 4:00 am, woke up Lacey and told her about the babies and showed her the digital photos then went to bed and woke up with Jessica call at 6:30 am. Went back to sleep until 7:30 am when Seth came in to tell me he'd wet the bed. Got him in the tub and laid out his clothes and went downstairs to the computer to send out the email announcements.

So happy! So thankful for these beautiful blessings from heaven.


Joe and Debbie said...

Conratulations to the entire white family fof this huge milestone. We hope & pray everyone continues to do well.
Thanks for posting the picutres so quickly. You've got to love the blog, I know I do.

Archambault Family said...

Congratulations. The boys look great. Tiny, but look healthy. I am glad to hear Aleece is doing well and all the babies are breathing on their own, that is a miracle in itself. Keep posting pics. We hope to come see you all very soon. When will you get to hold them?