Saturday, September 6, 2008

White House Updates

Rex Jr., Aleece, Seth & Madison: All's well. Baby number three is due March 31st, 2009!!!! Aleece is already showing and is a wonderful mother. Rex Jr. is between semesters at the University of Oregon. He and Rex share season tickets for the football season. He will graduate next spring.

Seth is four years old and has memorized his lines for the upcoming Primary Sacrament Meeting presentation and can say them flawlessly. He can read many words, write his name and has both his dad's and grandpa's gift of memory.

Madison turns two years old in November and is a bruiser! She is a whirlwind wherever she goes and loves everyone she sees. She lights up the room whenever she enters, usually in a dead run. She's got the bumps and bruises as proof! She's got a great appetite, too. We are so grateful that they're both healthy.

Jessica: Lives in Tualatin, going strong at The Art Institute of Portland. She's up to her eyes in sewing projects for school. You should see the lingerie she's designed for her senior project---beautiful!

Brian: Saw "The Phantom of the Opera" with Toni for her birthday last week. He's still searching for a new job since The Conditorei decided to black list him. Those snotty waitresses ganged up against him.

Scott: Working at The Conditorei as a chef, going to Chemeketa Community College.

Lacey: Just started her junior year at West Salem High School. She's on the water polo team, in the symphony and advanced orchestra. Went to EFY in Nauvoo, Illinois and got to do baptisms in the temple.


Archambault Family said...

Hey Whites!!! Glad to hear all the updates on the kids. And congrats on grand-baby #3!!! Hope to see all of you sometime soon, so you can meet Addison. She is a cutie!

Kimi said...

I am so happy that all is going well for your family!

I am also happy to see that you got your blog going. Was it the email I sent with everthing typed out that help?

Hey just a wuick question...did you want those pictures of your family to show all the time? If so I can email you and let you know how to do that. Just email me and let me know!

Your blog looks GREAT!

Joe and Debbie said...

Glad you are finally using you blog, way to go Sharon. Hey, thanks for coming down for Austin's blessing, ti was great to see you all again.
Looks and sounds like your family is doing well...good job Sha Sha.

Love ya